VWS Bulk


VWS Bulk by GRK
Vinyl Window™ Screw

Patented washer-head design, W-Cut thread design, Zip-Tip™, and Climatek™ coated. Special edge under the screw head to capture the vinyl strapping at penetration time. Vinyl Window™ Screw (with Drill-Tip) has a drill-tip and powder coated white head.

  • W-Cut thread design to bite into wood studs.
  • Adjusts window until plumb
  • Tek Point drill tip for metal studs.
  • Climatek™ coating to reduce the possibility of corrosion.
  • Edge design under the head to capture the vinyl strap at penetration time.
  • Patented washer-head design.
Stock code Upc code Size Pieces Weight (lbs)
000077269150073 772691 50073 1 8X1"1/2 1box=3000screws 17.82
000077269150137 772691 50137 0 10X3"1/8 1box=800screws 11
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