By Senco

DS210 by Senco
Item #6Y0002N
Tool Weight.89 lbs (.4 kg)
Height2.25" (57mm)
Length7" (178mm)
Width2.1" (53mm)
Fastener Capacity#6 - 12
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5/8" - 2" Auto-Feed Drywall Attachment

The DS210 is an industrial grade auto-feed attachment Drives screws from 5/8" – 2” in length. It is idea lfor professionals driving screws in a wide variety of applications. The DS210 Auto-Feed Attachment is ready to assemble to select screwdrivers.

  • Small strip guide clip for quick loading
  • No-Mar nosepiece for drywall and finish applications
  • "Feed on return" functionality; puts the screw in line before you drive
  • Reduced Waste – Eliminate the waste experienced with bulk screws (can be 10% to 25% of total screws used).
  • Adjustment Depth-of-Drive – Just turn the thumb screw to regulate the precise amount of countersink.
  • Extension Pole - optional extension pole (sold separately) for driving screws in a standing position
  • Super-Tough Drive Bits – Outlast the competition.
  • SENCO’s Limited One-Year Warranty.
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