By Freud/Diablo

D0724D by Freud/Diablo
Teeth24 PYR
7-1/4 in. x 24 Tooth Demo Demon Ultimate Framing/Demolition Saw Blade

Diablo's ultimate framing/demolition saw blade is specially formulated to deliver superior cutting performance in the most extreme construction situations. Diablo's Demo Demon is outperforming other standard blades up to 6X in intense applications. Demo Demon is able to withstand impact from embedded nails and other obstructions. No matter what the job: demolishing a roof, removing exterior siding or sub floors, or framing new construction - make sure to choose Diablo's Demo Demon.

  • PYRAMID TOOTH GEOMETRY™, a high-performance 3-tooth grind sequence, provides superior tracking control and effortless cuts.
  • Special DURA-BLEND TiCo™ carbide delivers extreme impact resistance and durability
  • LOCK-TOOTH™ design – Strongest tip-to-blade connection for extreme impact resistance
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