By Paslode

S150-W16R by Paslode
Part #501270
Staple Capacity150
Staple Range5/8"-1 1/2" 16 gauge,wide crown (15/16")
Staple TypleGalvanized
Air Req./100 p.s.i. (6.9 bar).040/cycle
Op. Pres. p.s.i (bar)80-120 (5.5-8.3)
Warranty1 year limited
S150-W16R Construction Stapler

Great for roofing, house wrap, wire lath and sheathing!

  • Saves time—Drives up to 12 staples per second!
  • Lightweight and well balanced—Increases productivity
  • Extended bumper life, over 600,000 cycles without failure!
  • Two finger trigger provides more control
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