R4 SS Pro-Pak


R4 SS Pro-Pak by GRK
Self-tapping, countersinking head, W-Cut thread design, CEE Thread, Zip-Tip™, and Climatek™ coated. For use in wood, particle-board, cement fiberboard, plastic, sheet metal, etc.

GRK's R4™ self-countersinking screw has a patented underhead with saw-blade like cutting teeth and six self-contained cutting pockets. Together they act similar to a circular saw-blade, transporting the drill dust away from the edge of the screw hole while cutting a perfectly clean hole into even the most brittle materials without cracking any surface treatment. This design enhances the R4™’s versatility by allowing the fastener to countersink into even the hardest woods. The screw head closes the hole off with precision, leaving no damaged fibers around the head.

  • Interior / Exterior Use
  • Self-tapping
  • Patented head & thread
  • No pre-drilling
  • No stripped heads
  • CEE Thread
  • Approved for structural & corrosion in ICC Report ESR-3201
Stock code Upc code Size Pieces Weight (lbs)
000077269126073 772691 26073 4 8X1"1/2 1pail=857screws 4.16
000077269126099 772691 26099 4 9X2" 1pail=609screws 4.71
000077269126133 772691 26133 5 10X2"1/2 1pail=425screws 4.77
000077269126135 772691 26135 9 10X2"3/4 1pail=350screws 4.64
000077269126137 772691 26137 3 10X3"1/8 1pail=305screws 4.51
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