By Paslode

PF350S by Paslode
Part #502000
Nail Capacity84 (2 strips)
Nail Range2" - 3 1/2"
Magazine Angle30º
Nail Type30º Paper Tape, full head/clipped
Air Req./80 p.s.i..082/cycle
OP. Pres. p.s.i. (bar)80-120 (5.5-8.3)
Warranty1-year warranty on everything, 5-year extended warranty
PF350S PowerFramer™ 30º Framing Nailer

New! More power, work faster! The toughest, lightest most powerful production framing nailer we have created, it has the power tobury nails in LVL headers and beams consistently!

  • Guaranteed service-free for one-year!
  • Compact design fits into tight spots
  • Dual mode trigger easily switches from single or rapid cycles
  • Metal exhaust cap for maximum durability
  • Cushioned grip for all-day comfort
  • Tool-free depth changes nail depth in an instant
  • Nail lockout prevents blank driving
  • Rafter hook retracts to hang tool anywhere
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